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stay informed
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a. kitchen + bar Partners with Chef Eli Kulp and owner Ellen Yin of Fork

We’re very excited to announce a partnership with these two extremely talented restaurant veterans! Eli Kulp is one of the country’s most creative chefs and now he will be bringing his flavor–forward style of cooking to a. kitchen. Eli is already making his presence felt in the kitchen, but all new menus will be launched in early March. Ellen Yin has led Fork for 16 acclaimed years and now also runs the new High Street on Market. We’re pleased to have her expertise supporting us here at a. kitchen + bar!! Stay tuned for new menus and other exciting details to follow in several weeks.   MORE→



Nothing better than roasted carrots and mint yogurt. We do however, look forward to Spring—this cold weather is tough—and with Spring, some new green vegetables…. MORE→

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Sherry Dinner December 9th at a. bar

Come join us for a four course dinner with Sherry with guest chef Terence Feury of Tavro 13. Local wine rep, Seth Biederman, will be onsite to speak about Sherry and the Sherries we will be serving. The dinner is $85 per person, which includes tax and gratuity. To make reservations, please email: tkweeder@stayaka.com MORE→


A day of Sherry events at a. bar

Monday, December 9th a. bar is all about Sherry. Plain n’ simple, not all Sherry is sweet. In fact, a lot of it is dry and works well with a lot of food. a. bar is exited to introduce you to Sherry from open ’til close on the 9th: 3p-6p all oysters are $1.50. Local wine reps, David McDuff, Jim Nolan and Bob Barrett will be on site pouring multiple Sherries ranging from $5-$10 a glass. 7p Chef Terence Feury will be preparing a four course dinner with Sherry pairings. Local wine rep, Seth Biederman will be on site to talk about the different Sherries we will be offering. The dinner is $85 (tax & gratuity included). The dinner is … MORE→

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Come in for some Gamay

and check out this article: http://www.phillymag.com/foobooz/2013/11/08/beyond-nouveau-gamay-grape-wine-list-bar/   MORE→

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Artisan’s Cellar presents: Indie Wineries, N2 and Jenny & François

We would like to thank our friends at Artisan’s Cellar for hosting a portfolio tasting at a. bar today. Tim Mortimer of Jenny & François and Christian Troy of Indie Wineries made the commute from NY for the event, which also featured samples of keg wines from N2. For those of you not familiar with J&F and Indie, they import artisanal wines with heaps of character & soul. You can find multiple wines from each importer at both a. kitchen and a. bar. Get to know thy importer! Behind the bar: Tim Mortimer (left) and Christian Troy (right) MORE→

dry Sherry

$5 ‘Daily Drink Special’: Sherry

Sherry is not just a Frankie Avalon song. It is delicious, under-appreciated and misunderstood. Just like not all Chardonnays are “oaky and buttery,” not all Merlot is bad (despite how a fake person in a movie reacts to it in one scene) and not all celebrities are innocent folk….Sherry is not a synonym for sweet wine crafted for, well people we adore who have more wisdom and experience. Just like some people say rigut instead of ricotta, from the name Jerez (the area of SW Spain that is home to Sherry) came the word Sherry. Sherry is a beverage that has been in and out of style for centuries. ‘tis a lil’ too robust to be dubbed a wine and … MORE→

a river of Gamay

Gamay Takeover at a. bar

From now until the release of Beaujolais Nouveau (Nov. 21st) the only red wine we will be pouring by the glass at a. bar will be Gamay. For those of you winelovers out there who are unfamiliar, Gamay is the grape of the red wines of the Beaujolais region. Once a small, local tradition, Beaujolais Nouveau (the first wine of the year) became an overnight worldwide sensation via Georges Debeouf. Love it or loathe it, the release of Nouveau is an existing event that occurs once a year. The truth of the matter is, most Nouveau are highly-manipulated wines and ultimately, not a great representation of the wines Gamay can breed. Though Beaujolais is HQ for Gamay, the grape also … MORE→

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Another successful portfolio tasting at a. bar!

much gracias to Jason Malumed of Chalkboard Wine & Spirits (http://www.chalkboardws.com/)  for putting on a stellar portfolio tasting this week! Jason is responsible for bringing in a fresh new wave of wines into the Philly food scene.  this is the first time many of these wines are seeing the light of day in the Quaker State.  a big thanks also to the three importers that made the commute to ‘Brotherly Love’ for the day….Guilhaume Gerard of Selection Massale, Michael Foulk of MFW and Jan D’ Amore!   photo below: Jason Malumed (Chalkboard W&S), David McDuff (David Bowler), Guilhaume Gerard (Selection Massale) and Michael Foulk (MFW).   MORE→


The Importance of Importers

The back label is just as important Importers play an important role in bringing in quality wine from around the world to our shores. We rely on their judgment of quality and distinctiveness in wine.  To make a comparison, look at wine importers vs. record labels.  If you’re interested in learning about the blues, a good label to explore would be Chess Records.  If you wanna enhance your knowledge of Detroit music from 1959-1972 for a Motown-themed quizzo night, you’d obviously delve into the vaults of Motown Records .  And, of course there are other record labels like Anti, which offer an interesting variety of artists like Tom Waits, Man Man & Mavis Staples, for those with more eclectic tastes. … MORE→